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Why I Love Being a Boy Mom

Why I Love Being a Boy Mom

I get the question a lot. Don’t you want to try for a girl? Don’t you wish you had a girl, too? Did you ever want a girl?

Answer is, for a very short time, I did want to try for a girl. But then I decided that 2 kids was the perfect number for me. And that had me thinking, would like be different with a girl? Yeah, sure. But am I happiest with the 2 boys I have? Absolutely.

See, I’ve never been the girliest of girls. But I can get fancy sometimes. I mean hey, we all CAN right?

But there are so many things I love about being a mom of boys. Too many to list them all, but I’m actually going to give you my top 5 reasons I love being a boy mom.

#1: The Dirt

Yeah, you read that right! The dirt, haha.

Little boys have a tendency of finding the dirt in the cleanest of corners!

So many times I’ve piled muddy, gross, stinky little boys in my car and just smiled about it. They had fun, they laughed, they played, and that’s all that truly matters in this lifetime, am I right?

Boys have the ability to show you that it’s okay to get a little dirty. Life goes on, and showers exist for a reason.

It’s okay to mess things up once in a while, because we’re all human. And humans are messy. (Even the big ones!)

It’s okay to get a little rough, come out of your comfort zone, and live a little bit on the rugged side.

#2: It’s Okay to Do Things Your Way

I’m not totally biased here, I have a sister and a neice. But boys have a way of showing you that it’s okay to just be you and do what makes you YOU.

They aren’t usually worried about societal norms. Body image standards. What everyone else thinks. Boys just be. They play pretend, they can turn legos into their own little game and not care that they’re “supposed” to be played with a certain way.

My boys have helped me, while I’ll admit just a little bit so far, to open up my shell. Reach out into the world and start to build my own path.

I don’t have to be someone everyone likes, as long as the people I love like me for who I am and what I can become.

#3: You Are Beautiful

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a rough day, and my son would come out of nowhere telling me that I look great. Or my outfit looks nice. Or he likes my hair.

Maybe in part it is learned behavior because hey, I did pick their father for a reason right 😉

But they also are their own little selves. And those little selves can pick the beautiful things about me, and tell me, and make me feel loved on a whole other level.

They have helped me to start to love myself more, for who I am, not what everyone else thinks about me.

#4: Body Humor

Doesn’t make sense? Give it a second, it will.

How many times, as an adult woman, have you unintentionally laughed at a burp or a fart? How many times have you actually thought it was cute, or adorable?!

If you said none, you most likely are not a boy mom.

Since my boys have aged a little bit, coming in at 7 and 11 now. I have learned to love the fart and burp jokes. The constant talk of bodily fluids in a joking manner.

I now, on occasion, find myself thinking that I love my son’s burps. Or found myself laughing with my oldest when he farts unexpectedly.

Gross sounding, I know. But it’s the shared joy that I love the most. The comfort in who they are, the safety they feel in their home. That’s the best part about the fart and burp jokes, I think.

#5: Leave the Mess Be

Raise your hand if you’re a neat-freak and can’t stand to have things laying around your house……

Yeah, that was me, also. For about the first 4 years of being a boy mom.

Then came boy #2….

And everything went out the window.

I can now walk by a pile of toys and just shrug. I can leave my kitchen island piled with the day’s things and not have a care in the world.

It’s truly freeing, honestly.

When my boys were young, you would’ve never known I had kids when first walking into my house. And now that they’re older, I find it comforting to see that they’re around. That they feel at home and can unwind and play in any area of my house.

And the mess can be, and I can be okay.

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