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Lego Challenges Your Kids Can Do Today

Totally boy-momming here. My kids LOVE Legos and we have so many I wouldn’t even be able to count them all. Truth is though, once they put the set together once, we never see it as a whole again. So we started buying them the creative buckets so that they can create whatever they’d like, whenever they’d like. Disclosure: Bear […]

Positive Parenting: Parenting Hack #1

You might be wondering what I mean by positive parenting and I’ll get into that in a little bit here, but I wanted to give you a little backstory on how I landed on this method of parenting. As if parenting two growing boys isn’t difficult enough, my oldest son has been diagnosed with ADHD and IED. IED is also […]

Why I Love Being a Boy Mom

See, I’ve never been the girliest of girls. But I can get fancy sometimes. I mean hey, we all CAN right?
But there are so many things I love about being a mom of boys. Too many to list them all, but I’m actually going to give you my top 5 reasons I love being a boy mom.


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