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Who am I, you ask?

I’m Andolina. Currently a 30 year old mom of 2 wild and crazy boys. I love being a mom of boys, and if you head to my post Why I Love Being a Boy Mom, you’ll learn why.

But most importantly, I love reaching out to others who may feel like they’re strugging, or feel like they’re alone in this hurricane of a journey.

Why I started That Boy Mom…..

I started That Boy Mom to create a safe place and a community for all moms alike to come together and bask in the glory that is mom-hood. We all know parenting gets hard, we have rough days, but we always get right back up and try again the next day. Or hey, even later that same day!

Here at That Boy Mom, I’ll be sharing some tips and tricks that have worked for me when managing being a parent and managing keeping a home.

I’ll be sharing my journey toward financial freedom, yay for budgeting am I right?!? Anything from day to day budgeting, credit repairing (without an outside company), and saving for big, big plans!

I’ll also be sharing some of my own personal journey and outside experience of living and dealing with mental illness, and the tides I’ve overcome through that journey.

Please sit back and relax, grab your coffee, and let’s do this thing together!