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Hi! Welcome to that boy mom!

I’m so thrilled that you decided to check out my website!

My name is Nairo & I’m a mom to 3 growing boys ages 10, 14 & 16. Raising kids is hard and having 3 boys definitely keeps me on my toes. 😂 With rising costs on practically everything these days, I wanted to create a place where I share all sorts of great products that people need and want to buy every single day. I search for all sorts of deals and savings, so you don’t have to! Believe me - your wallet will thank you! 😉

A little more about me -

I love helping others when I can, listening to music & spending time with my family. I’ve traveled to many places in the past, like England, France, Venice & Scotland, before having kids. I hope to one day go back & travel to even more places that are on my bucket list.

I am a passionate sports fan and follow my teams (MLB ⚾, NHL 🏒, NFL 🏈 & NBA 🏀) pretty religiously. There’s just something about sports, especially baseball, that makes perfect sense. When I’m not searching for deals and savings, I’m at a ballpark or arena taking in a game. It’s truly my happy place. 💜

Thank you for supporting me & my family. It truly means the world to me. 🥰

Yours truly,
Nairo aka that boy mom 💖


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