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Welcome ladies!

Welcome to That Boy Mom. First off, this is a safe place for ALL moms. I’ve come to create That Boy Mom because I wanted to share my tricks of the trade with other like-minded ladies. Not only to create a sense of security and that feeling of “I’m not alone,” but also a sense of community. We’re all in this together.

I know that parenting is hard, and it can feel like you’re totally alone at times. But you’re not. We’re all here for each other. And if we can work on building each other up one by one, instead of tearing each other down for the choices we’ve made, then we can finally come to peace with the fact that being a mom is downright hard, and you know what they say….. Kid’s don’t come with instruction manuals!

So dive on in. I’ve highlighted a few of my recent posts right up top. But feel free to search around.

Have a topic idea? Want to write a guest post? Just click contact and send me a message and I’ll be in touch! I do my best to get to every email I receive so just give me a few days and I’ll get to it, no worries!

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